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Paul Marra

Paul Marra has been working in high end residential design for over 20 years, first as an interiordesigner and currently as a showroom owner and product designer. Having a background in interior design has made him especially aware of the many practical and aesthetic demandsof residential design. For over 13 years his showroom has been a resource for interior designers,architects and consumers looking for custom-made items as well as out-of-the-ordinary vintagepieces and antiques. 

His lighting and furniture line was developed partially out of a need for items that would blend with many periods and styles yet function in the 21st Century. Some pieces look to the past for inspiration but with a fresh interpretation, while others are inspired by nature or a desire to use materials in an innovative way. With an emphasis on craftsmanship and detail, they are able to stand on their own or enhance other fine furnishing and antiques. 

“My goal is to create and supply beautiful, well made, interesting furniture and lighting. I am inspired by talent. I enjoy the process of designing and the exchange of ideas while working with craftsmen and artists. I prefer to use local artisans partly because the work requires a great deal of hands-on involvement but also because it is important to support the tradition of American craft  We have  the privilege of living in a unique environment which has grown from the freedom of expression and the blending of cultures. Call it 'American know how' or whatever you want but it is worth preserving.”

“Creatively, I still have a lot to say and I always want to move forward. Philosophically I think life should be full of meaningful experiences. To this end I will borrow from one of the main themes of the Aesthetic Movement, which states that a beautiful environment can enhance the quality of our life.”